As Long As I'm Singing - Breakout Room XV

This is Us!

Singing is what we do and as long as we're singing together, we're good.

This group of 15 (XV) members from Grand Harmony Chorus wanted to get together and sing. With all the zoom meetings and breakout rooms we have been experiencing, we thought how appropriate it would be to call ourselves, Breakout Room XV.

You just might see more of us in the future. Plus watch for other Grand Harmony small ensemble videos over the next couple of months.  

We do hope you enjoy our virtual performance as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Lisa, Allana, Susan, Claudia, Yvonne, Betty, Phyllis, Janet, Pat, Ann Jen, Sheri, Donna, Dianne, Karen



Mary Boucher's picture

SO Good to See You- Susan St. John - NOW A Minister! WOW That is Wonderful! You Will BE Good At That TOO! Do you Still Live On Glenwood Drive (My Former Neighbour! How is ALL YourFamily? Would Like to Hear From YOU! Which Church?? [email protected]

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