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Sharp Attack is Grand Harmony's newest and only mixed quartet. The quartet is made up of Bass, Chris Arnold; Lead, Jennifer Goulden; Baritone, Lindsay Restagno; and Tenor, Jen Hickson-Palmer. Equipped with shark socks and matching t-shirts, the group performs modern a Cappella arrangements of songs from Pentatonix to Eric Clapton and some foot stomping, tongue-twisting barbershop oldies. Sharp Attack loves tricky rhythms, playing with harmonies, and entertaining their audience. Their favourite hashtag? #dontsingalone 


Oct 25 2017 - 3:52pm

October 24, 2017 | Brand new mixed quartet, Sharp Attack, auditioned to be Grand Harmony's newest quartet tonight. The quartet is made up of Bass (and GH's director), Chris Arnold, Lead, Jennifer Goulden, Baritone, Julia Daly, and Tenor, Lindsay Restagno.

Equipped with shark socks and a lot of energy, the group performed modern a Cappella arrangements of songs from Pentatonix to Eric Clapton and a tongue-twisting barbershop oldie. The songs involved clapping, stomping, and fun harmonies! Their favourite hashtag? #dontsingalone 

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